Elephant sactuary Volunteer Thailand, Chiang Mai

One of our most popular and rewarding volunteer placements is volunteering with our elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai! When you have finished your volunteer placement, you will have a new long-nosed best friend that you will not want to leave!

Elephant sanctuary Volunteering is very popular their are limited places available, so please get in touch as soon as possible to find out more.

Elephant Sanctuary Volunteer

volunteer placement Description

Our Elephant sanctuary is the home to abandoned & abused elephants from all over Thailand. Your role as a volunteer in the Elephant sanctuary is crucial. These beautiful animals need care & support.

You will be working a five day week helping take care of the Elephants needs from dietary to medicinal. This volunteer placement requires a lot of walking around and patients. You will also learn so much while volunteering at our Elephant Sanctuary and come away with a greater understanding of these humble, intelligent creatures and yourself.



High quality, centrally located, private accomodation.

Airport pick-up

We will welcome you at the airport and get you safely to your accomodation.

Weekly excursion

ll the volunteers will head out ona a weekly pre arranged excurtion to various attractions. 

Visa support

Help & Support through your visa process.


We make a donation on your behalf to the Elephant Sanctuary.


Fit & Healthy

This volunteer position is active and requires good health!

become a volunteer

Applying to become a volunteer is easy, click the link below to fill out or application form (it takes two minutes) and we will be in touch within 24hrs! You are on your way towards a life changing opportunity, to make a real difference in this world! You have come this far fill out the application form to take the next step!